Monday, November 27, 2023

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Retro Rasslin Podcast Episode #1: Lolly Dude a.k.a. Crybaby Buxton

Audio only version:

On the debut episode of the Retro Rasslin Podcast, Gene Jackson is joined by Lolly Griffin aka Lolly Dude aka Francis "Crybaby" Buxton. Lolly has worn every hat there is to wear in professional wrestling from wrestler to promoter to referee to announcer, you name it and Lolly has done it in wrestling alongside some of the most legendary figures in the history of the business. Lolly has a history in radio which led to him being able to get involved in the wrestling business and has provided him a great career on the side of wrestling as well. From breaking into the business with help from friends such as The Fantastics, Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers as well as Terry Taylor, to hanging out with and learning from King Curtis Iaukea while living in Hawaii, to getting bloodied while refereeing matches between Abdullah the Butcher and the Sheik, to a most interesting encounter with his all time favorite wrestler Mr. Wrestling 2, Lolly has a ton of fun and amazing stories and we get to hear a lot of them here and we looking forward to speaking with him and hearing more in the future!

I do apologize for the sound issues throughout the interview, there was an issue with the internet connection apparently that wasn't as bad live as it was in the recording but it doesn't take away from the overall conversation so please power through the couple of breaks in the sound that happen in the interview.

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